R2E Associates Inc.

R2E Associates Inc.

As a full service manufacturers consulting firm dedicated to delivering high quality designed office & hospitality furniture to the market, we value providing innovative product to the design community that synergize the interior environment while enhancing a customers experience. 

We excel at optimizing services and improving quality of products to the market targeting the Architectural-Design community.

Our commitment is to offer quality products that are designed with the aesthetic in mind specific to the needs of customers with custom applications and product made solutions.

In addition to achieving the goals of the end user and our clients, we work closely with the design community whose primary objective is to specify a product that creates a unique and distinct environment. 

Our goal is to offer a product that is easy to specify at compelling price-points.
Our approach for every project is to focus on Excellence which defines our methodology... 
Refine 2 Excellence...  
  • Creating Fit, Form & Function.
  • Quality Manufacturing & Delivery of Services.
  • Final Product & Process Exceeding Expectations.

Refine 2 Excellence TM: